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Why you should choose Your Global Agents to be
your Buyer's Agent


Locating a house that's perfect for you can be quite a task, considering all the homes available in our area. As an expert in Florida real estate, we keep track of all the houses for sale. Frequently, we know of homes that are not yet listed on the Multiple Listings Service, and we are aware of all new construction taking place, so we can guide you to the homes that are the best fit for you.

If you are from outside U.S.A. the task of buying property in Florida can seem daunting.  We have a booklet of tips and advice aimed specifically at overseas buyers, to help you successfully navigate our home buying process.  Please click on one of the links below to view or download the booklet:

Buying Real Estate in Florida (English)

Buying Real Estate in Florida (Spanish)

Buying Real Estate in Florida (Portuguese)


- Become knowledgeable by tapping into the principles of successful real estate transactions -


How Do We Work For You as a Buyer?

The typical real estate transaction involves at least two dozen separate individuals – insurance assessors, mortgage brokers and underwriters, inspectors, appraisers, escrow officers, buyer’s agents, seller’s agents, bankers, title researchers, and a number of other individuals whose actions and decisions have to be orchestrated in order to perform in harmony and get a home sale closed. It is the responsibility of your real estate agent to expertly coordinate all the professionals involved in your home purchase and to act as the advocate for you and your interests throughout.

Your real estate agent will be your trusted professional, and should:

  1. Educate you about your market.
  2. Analyze your wants and needs.
  3. Guide you to homes that fit your criteria.
  4. Coordinate the work of other needed professionals.
  5. Negotiate on your behalf.
  6. Check and double-check paperwork and deadlines.
  7. Solve any problems that may arise.

Choose your agent carefully.  Finding a solid, professional agent means getting beyond the resume, and into what makes an agent effective. Use the following questions as your starting point in hiring your licensed, professional real estate agent.

  1. Why should I work with you?
  2. What do you do better than other real estate agents?
  3. What process will you use to help me find the right home for my particular wants and needs?
  4. What are the most common things that go wrong in a transaction and how would you handle them?
  5. What are some mistakes that you think people make when buying a home?
  6. What other professionals do you suggest we work with and what are their credentials?
  7. Can you provide me with references or testimonials from past clients who have a similar profile to me?


Do you want us to send you specific homes to review?  We invite you to fill out the short form below with as much information as you can. We will check in to the available homes for sale presently, and then send you a free, no-commitment list of the homes that best fit your needs. Then, you can contact us when you are ready to look for your new house in Florida.